Condition Your Crop With Wild Rose Co-op
August 23, 2019

Your Wild Rose Co-op offers bulk propane supply and delivery. Farmers are choosing Co-op Propane as their trusted propane supplier. Co-op provides propane for a diverse range of agricultural applications, including barn/space heating, grain drying, home heat, vehicles and propane-powered engines for irrigation systems.
So why choose Co-op?

Co-op Propane is committed to providing a seamless experience for our members, starting with a full-service installation package including permits, utility line locating and trenching. Co-op also offers free competitor tank switch-outs for members.

•Dedicated to reliable delivery, Co-op offers customers flexible delivery plans that work best for them: from scheduled deliveries to automated tank-monitoring systems that track inventory levels to determine delivery demands.

•Co-op Propane ensures that members receive competitive pricing on propane supply and service. Most importantly, each purchase you make with Co-op contributes to your annual cash back and equity.

•Regardless of the job size or application, Co-op Propane will work with you to find a bulk storage tank that fits your needs. Sizes vary from 500 or 1,000 gallon tanks, most commonly used for small buildings such as houses, to 2,000 gallon tanks required for large-scale facilities or operations.

For more information about your grain conditioning needs call:

Camrose Agro: 780.672.3051
Sedgewick Agro: 780.384.3679
Viking Agro: 780.336.2100 
Killam Petroleum: 1.877.385.3805

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